Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday Knights Composition & Playing Members of the Opposite Sex

This post is in response to Jamas' question in regards to the number of players there are in the Tuesday nights.

The number of players range from four to eight (very rarely). Several of the members, due to family and work commitments are not able to make it every week. All the players are currently male.

Playing members of the opposite sex
One of the characters in the current CoC game is female. The character is being played by a male player. Now this is not unusual for our group. The majority of the RP games we have played on Tuesday nights have had at least one female character if not more. It is not the same player playing a female character. I myself have played several female characters. With myself and I believe the others it comes down to character concept. In a previous CoC game I ran for a different group, the female player played a male character and one of the male players played a female character. In another game I'm currently playing we have two female characters, one played by a woman, then other by a guy.

Some people (seems to be always guys) get weirded out by  straight guys playing a female character. Some will say it's because whenever there has been a guy playing a female character, they have played it to an extreme stereotype or as a slut. I've not experienced that problem with people I've played with. Perhaps we are more mature when it comes to handling these situations.


Freeloading Phill said...

I think in the last 2 years all but 2 of the players have played a female character, no make that 3 as I forgot myself - although I've only played 3 and 2 of those were pregens handed to me.

pat said...

Yeah. I played a female character. But only because Scott made me.

Dave said...

I'm mildly surprised I'm playing my second male character in a row, although I do have our Thursday night game to fall back on.

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