Monday, 19 April 2010

Starblazer Adventures - Session Seven Summary

In this game we are playing Starblazer Adventures which uses the FATE rules system. I've not written up the previous sessions, but may do a overview of what has happened so far later on. Not 100% if this is session seven or not, but seems about right.

Our Intrepid crew
Professor Alonzo Skupeli, specialising in Precursor archaeology
Max "Atomic" Jackson, ex merc, hardened soldier
Crew, "Space cadet" handyman mr fix it (currently in a coma)
Joe Okami, ex merc, starship pilot

After undergoing changes from an artefact that has since disappeared, the group are seeking someone who may have information on how to locate it, an associate of Prof Al - Heinrich Steiner, a disgraced Professor of archaeology who now deals in the black market side of artefacts, be they Precursor or alien.

Prof Al manages with his new found abilities to determine where all the surveillance cameras are in Tombstone. This allows Max to plot an undetected course to the location of two individuals that appeared to be the command part of a group watching us.

We arrive near the location undetected. The location being a dome with an environmental shield, the dome is about 30m radius. Max and Prof Al start sneaking forward, with myself following. Noticing a bottle on the ground and some rubble with a gap, kick the bottle through the opeing. Max snatches the bottle out of the air before it smashes against the dome, I pull my arms down and barely prevent "SCORE!" from escaping my lips. Max scowls ominously at me.

We sneak into the dome. Max notices some security droids. Prof Al reaches out his senses and is able to see the data traffic like colours flowing around. He then tweaks the data flow to issue a shutdown maintenance routine. This still being very new to the Prof, he manages to not just shut down the security droids and nano swarms, but also the environmental shield, all the comms in a large radius as well as the satellite relay between the opposition teams.

We determine there are three people here. Max takes one out of action, I incapacitate another with the help of the Prof acting as a hostage for him, enabling me to teleport (one of the changes the artefact did to me) behind his back and stun him, while at the same time Max shoots the ground out from under the Prof's feet so he doesn't get his throat cut. The third, Max convinces it would be in his best interest to surrender.

Max also convinces the third one that it would be in their best interest to talk to us. We find out -
  • They are part of a Merc company "Dragons Claw"
  • They are working for a "Bob Bobson" (obviously an nom-de plume)
  • Hired to locate and capture Heinrich
  • Abigail is not Heinrich's girlfriend but in fact a relic he has
Max and I had heard of the Dragons Claw Merc Company before. They were a professional above the board group. Their only interest in us was because we were also looking for Heinrich. We told him that we just wanted to talk to Heinrich for a shot time and once we had finished we'd be happy to hand him over/tell them where he was.

more to follow...

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