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Call of Cthulhu - Dramatis personæ

Edit 14/04/2010: Added new char and updated other profiles

The following is an run down of the characters the Tuesday Knights players created & started playing last Tuesday (30th March). A regular player and a very infrequent player were not there that evening. Their characters will appear later.

Adam Lind - (b. 1880 in Baltimore, current age 41) Older, half-brother of Jimmy. Their mother married Jimmy's father after the death of her first husband, Adam's father. A Pro Baseballer that was not picked up in the current season, and as such is semi retired from baseball. Lived the good life when he was playing and getting paid, so has little to show from his baseball career. Lives in a small apartment. The apartment building has a land lady and a single phone. As baseball was his life up till now, does not have many employable skills. Has just started working for Geno. Was introduced to Geno by Jimmy. Also has a sister named Jenny. (Char named after the baseballer Adam Lind)

Notable Features: Around 6ft tall and quite muscular.

Rare shot of Adam doing what he did best?

Archie Grant - (b. 1888 in London, current age 33) A freelance journalist. Previously married to Rosalind, they split up over professional competitiveness. May still have feelings for her. Although they have split up they still work together and call on each other for assistance when needed. They share "joint custody" of a dog called Ralphey (a King Charles Spaniel). When he needs photos taken for a story he calls on Jimmy. (Char named after Cary Grant. Archie being Grant's real first name. Loosely modelled after the character played by Grant in the film His Girl Friday. Dog is named after the actor Ralph Bellamy who also starred in the film.)

Notable Features: Just under 6ft tall, intelligent and strikingly handsome.

Rosalind and Archie working on a story

Givanni "Geno" Gallo - (b. 1866 in Chicago, current age 55) A gangster, running a prohibition smuggling operation. A support gunner in the Great War, serving with Doc, Jimmy and Nick. Acts as a source for Rosalind. Has several weapons. Some may have been smuggled back from the war. Has just taken on Adam to assist with some of the work.

Notable Features: Oldest member of the group, most of the muscle of youth has turned to fat. Speaks with a definite Italian accent. Very good at persuading people to his way of thinking.

Geno, Jimmy and Nick in the trenches

Jimmy McCulloch - (b. 1889 outside of Boston, current age 32) Younger, half-brother of Adam. Jimmy was born after their mother remarried, due to her first husband dying. A struggling artist trying to use photographs and painting to capture/purge the images of the war that haunt him. Served in the war with Doc, Geno and Nick. Saved each others lives several times. Resents (and possibly envies) his half-brother Adam for not going to the war. Lives in a flat above Nick's family Deli and makes use of the phone there. Works for Archie and Rosalind on occasion taking photos. Also has a sister named Jenny.

Notable Features: Like his brother, quite muscular. While shorter than Adam, is much better looking.

One of Jimmy's paintings

Nick Xenophos - (b. 1889, current age 32) Went to the Great War, fighting along side Doc, Jimmy and Geno. Works in his family's delicatessen. Is a butcher by trade. Also hunts and supplies game meats for the store. Is a favourite of the customers who like to speak to him about their troubles.

Notable Features: Over 6ft tall. Stronger than Adam or Jimmy, has no issues carrying a side of beef around. Speaks with a slight Greek accent. Very skilled with his butcher knives.

Nick's brother with some customers at the family Deli

Rosalind Russell - (b. 1898 in Boston, current age 23) A fast talking, take no crap, screwball journalist working for the Boston Globe. Previously married to Archie, they split up over professional competitiveness. Although they have split up they still work together and call on each other for assistance when needed. They share "joint custody" of a dog called Ralphey.Makes use of Jimmy when she needs photos taken. Has a source (Geno) that feeds her info and tip-offs on the going ons of the Boston underworld. (Named after the actress Rosalind Russell and based on the character she played in His Girl Friday)

Notable Features:  Strikingly beautiful and intelligent. The youngest member of the group.

Rosalind relaxing, perhaps thinking about Archie
Dr Nathan "Doc" Hawkes - (b early 1880's in Boston, current age late 30's) A Doctor of Medicine, during the Great War served as a field medic in the same unit as Jimmy, Geno and Nick. While he could have served behind the lines in a field hospital, Doc (as he became known as in the unit) felt his skills could be put to better use if he was there where the fighting was occurring so as he could help those wounded immediately and hopefully save more lives. He was not above using his service revolver when the need arised. Since the war he has his own practice in Boston where he both sees patients at his practice as well as making house calls. Doc also assists Gino on the side supplying medical attention when needed.

Notable Features: Very good at getting people to agree to his point of view, he has an interest in the cultures of other people. A very stable individual.

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How many players do you have? Is there double up, or lots of backup characters created? (And are people playing their own gender?)
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