Saturday, 3 April 2010

In the Beginning...

This is the first post to set down what I am trying to achieve with this blog. That being -

  • Document my thoughts & session summaries of any RPGs I run
  • Perhaps do the same if I'm motivated enough(and have the time) to do the same for the sessions I play in. Not sure if I'll do it from my character's perspective or more of a third person. Possibly a combination.
  • If I'm still using this blog & have managed to pick myself up a netbook tablet, write up reviews of the movies I see at Melbourne International Film Festival.
  • Post about any other stuff I so feel inclined to write about.

I can add jump breaks to these posts. I wonder what the standard/recommended amount of text to have before doing so. Something to do a quick search on.

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Jamas Enright said...

If there's a standard, I don't use it. But then I generally don't do long posts.
But hey, people have scroll bars!

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