Tuesday, 2 August 2011

MIFF 2011 Day ten

(this was Sunday 31st July. At the end of the day I'd attended 40 sessions)

Due to a sore back (Greater Union has seating from the 70's) and having two films I'd picked just to fill the spots of which I was not particularly interested in, I ended up only going to one film today, resting for the rest of the day.

I also had a craving for a decent meal. Alas The rare Steak House is closed on Sundays, so I settled for a seafood & steak resturant on King St. The food was ok, but it was no Rare Steak House.

The only film I watched today was Hobo with a Shotgun. This was a fun film, not taking itself too seriously, with lots of (I beleive) intentially corny lines. While supposedly a Grindhouse film, it reminded me more of the Troma films of the eighties and similar films (such as Class of 1984/1999 - which Troma did a take on with their Class of Nuke'em High). The music reminded me at times of the music from Escape from New York. Recommend watching this film with others as it's one of those fun group films. Some of the scenes were over the top gore as often occurs with these types of films. I'd like to think Rutger Hauer had fun making this.

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