Monday, 1 August 2011

MIFF 2011 Day Eight

Overall the films today were all enjoyable so it was hard to determine a best/worst.

Worst film of the day – Kill List. Part of the nightshift section. This screened at 11:30pm. As mentioned previously this film was not bad. Thinking about the four films I saw today, I think I enjoyed the other three a bit more. As to why, I’m struggling to put my finger on it. Some parts of this film reminded me (in a good way) of dim memories of B grade British horror films relating to evil cults.

Best film of the day – Route Irish is a Ken Loach film. A conspiracy/political thriller about an ex-soldier/private contractor who finds the death of his best friend (that occurred while working as a private contractor in Iraq) suspicious and starts looking into it. The film does not shy away from touching on subjects such as “acceptable losses”, civilian casualties and the impact on those both fighting and the civilians living there. It is also not a good triumphing over evil film. The story has more of a ring of truth about it.

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