Saturday, 6 August 2011

MIFF 2011 Day Eleven

Another day where everything was enjoyable.

Best film of the day - Polisse. A look into the lives of a Parisian Child Protection Unit of the police. While a fictional movie, it's based on real cases. The focus is more on the police themselves as opposed to the cases. How they deal with the stress and emotions that often come up in such a role.

I was concerned that due to subject matter, the film would be quite depressing. While some of the situations/scenes were potentially upsetting, overall the film handled the subject matter quite well, with the occasional funny moment (humour being one of the ways the police used in dealing with the stress). I certainly did not leave the film feeling uplifted, but on the other hand I was not feeling sown/overwhelmed by it.

Worth mentioning - an interesting Documentary I also watched this day, PressPausePlay, that looked into the impact (both good and bad) technology is having on media (be it music/film/written word). Focus was more on music and film. Could have gone into written word a bit more.

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