Monday, 1 August 2011

MIFF 2011 Day Nine

Today was a day of average sessions. Nothing fantastic, nothing horrible. Two of the sessions were taken up with shorts – Australian Shorts and Animation Shorts.

The best short that screened during the Australian Shorts session was actually an animation – The Missing Key. A very inventive short, story wise, with some nice animation.

The best short from the Animation Shorts session was Miss Remarkable and Her Career. Partly because I could associate with it as the main character reminded me of a friend and some of the issues she has been going through and partly because it was a well written subject with a bit of humour.

The worst session of the day – Play. While the main story was good and interesting both in plot and as a comment on society/human behaviour, the side stories to me seemed pointless and not particularly interesting. eg two scenes involving South American Indians. One of the scenes with them in semi traditional dress playing/busking and selling CDs. The other scene showing them, still in traditional dress sitting in MacDonald's, eating. While likely there as a social commentary, did not see the relevance/link to the main story. Each scene involving the main story would often have something involving other characters that lasted for sometimes 5-10 mins before the main chars appeared. Again felt these were pointless and detracted from the main story.

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