Monday, 26 July 2010

MIFF Review - Survival of the Dead

IMDB, Wikipedia
Score:  3.5/5
Language: English
Genre: Zombie Horror
Summary:  (from MIFF)

The sixth film in the Dead series from zombie king George A. Romero (a MIFF guest in 2008).
Offering up the flesh-chomping effects enthusiasts have come to know and love, Romero’s franchise continues with a pulpy Western-influenced tale that follows Sarge (a minor character from Diary of the Dead, MIFF 08) and his deserter band of soldiers.
After stumbling across an exiled Irishman called O’Flynn, Sarge and his militia head to the remote outpost of Plum Island. What they encounter is a stand-off between O’Flynn and a rival clan over whether the zombies should be annihilated or confined until a cure is found. As the conflict escalates, Sarge’s band find themselves fighting to survive.
“A rollicking, rambunctious, often hilarious, frequently revolting inversion of genres that could only come from Romero.” – Fangoria
More information:

D/S George A. Romero P D.J. Carson Dist Anchor Bay TD digibeta/2009 
  • Taken it in a different direction with people more treating the zombie outbreak as a pandemic as opposed to end of the world. People become numb to the killing of the zombies and kill them when needing to.
  • People acting more intelligently and trying other things to survive and deal with the zombie outbreak.
  • enjoyed this more than his previous film, "Dairy of the Dead"

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