Tuesday, 27 July 2010

MIFF Review - Rubber

IMDB, Wikipedia
Score: 2/5
Language: English
Genre: Comedy/horror
Summary: (from MIFF)
The story of Robert, a murderous tyre with psychic powers. 
It’s not often something comes along that is completely original in concept, but Rubber is definitely the one-and-only film about a killer tyre.
When Robert – the aforementioned tyre – becomes the victim of unrequited love, his anger management issues and telekinetic powers erupt into carnage and violence.
A redefined road-movie-come-horror, Rubber attained instant cult-hit status upon screening at Cannes this year, attracting the attention of pundits of the absurd. Writer, director, cinematographer and composer Quentin Dupieux (aka music producer Mr Oizo) proves his talents in all manner of technical guises, as well as outing himself as one of the weirdest imaginations in the business.
More information: http://www.rubberfilm.com/

D/S Quentin Dupieux P Grégory Bernard, Julien Berlan Dist Madman Entertainment TD digibeta/2010 
  • No reason
  • The spectators and the things relating to them was the most interesting /amusing
  • some of the shots of the tire went on for too long
  • Some people will find this film hilarious (not me) and it may become a cult classic in some circles
  • First last night session (after 11:30pm) at MIFF that I can recall that was sold out

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Dave said...

Awww, I was hoping for better than 2/5 after you mentioned it last week.

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