Saturday, 24 July 2010

MIFF Review - Air Doll

IMDB, Wikipedia
Score:  3.5/5 ( P Webb gave it 4/5)
Language: Japanese with English subs

Genre: Magic realism? Urban Fantasy? Romance story?

    Summary:  (from MIFF)
    'I found myself with a heart I was not supposed to have.'– Nozomi, the inflatable doll
    The subject of a MIFF spotlight in 2007, filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda (Still Walking, MIFF 09; Nobody Knows) returns with a Pinocchio-inspired fable about a life-sized sex doll (captivatingly embodied by South Korean star Bae Du-na) that develops a soul and – with childlike curiosity – investigates the neighbourhood.
    When she falls in love with a video store clerk, the film reveals itself as a lyrical fairytale, her sweetheart acting as the mirror from which she reflects. Everything seems perfect, but that bubble is primed to burst.
    “An achingly beautiful meditation on loneliness and longing in the city, and a reflective look on a consumerist culture that encourages easy substitutes and disposability, even of humans and feelings.” – Hollywood Reporter

    D/S Hirokazu Koreeda P Toshiro Uratani, Hirokazu Koreeda WS Fortissimo Films L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2009

    Comments: (trying to shorten what I write so as they don't take as long)
    • Modern adult fairytale
    • About Empty and sadness in people (using the emptiness in the air doll)
    • Happiness can be found as well
    • Not a fairy tale of Disney flavour. More a undisneyfied Grimm fairy tale
    • Actress playing the air doll did a very good job

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