Sunday, 31 July 2011

MIFF 2011 Day Six–Tragedy Strikes!

A mostly full bottle of Red Eye has emptied itself into my bag. I noticed this while walking to get some dinner and noticed a wet patch developing on my back where my backpack was resting against it. It had soaked through the bag, my overcoat, jacket & two layers of clothing.

Inside the bag my Kindle, an out of print RPG book as well as several other items were showing off their absorptive powers. Luckily my netbook was not in my bag..

I am currently back at the apartment attempting to dry things off as I write this (in my notebook before transcribing into my blog). Have just under two hours before next screening. Will see how things dry out.

Update: did not make the screening sue to items still being damp. Eventually got things dried out. Thankfully the Kindle still works & the other items don’t appear to be too much worse for wear. The inside of my bag (after 4 days) still has the slightly sweet odour of Red Eye about it. Not sure how I’m going to go about washing it.

Only managed two films on day six – The Third Man, the British film noir considered by some (not I) to be the greatest movie thriller and Into Eternity a so-so documentary about the way Norway intends to dispose of it’s Nuclear waste & the challenges due to it being dangerous for 100,000 years.

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