Wednesday, 27 July 2011

MIFF 2011 Day Two

Overall the quality of films today was better than day one. Did not get to see The Innkeeper (last film I had scheduled for the day) due to a miscalculation of times on my part. By the time I was out of the previous film, The Innkeeper had already been going for over 30 min.
Worst film of the dayLife 2.0 While not a bad documentary, it covered things I’ve already read/seen in other docos, so there was nothing new or starting for me. About the only thing I was not aware of was (according to the documentary) the volume of players for Second Life was still increasing. I has thought the player base was decreasing. I recall several Australian companies that had presences in SL closing them down, which led me to this belief.
If you are not that familiar with Second Life and/or the impact MMOs are having on some peoples lives this may be worth checking out.
Best film of the dayThe Guard. Very funny Irish film. Also a bit of a thriller. Cast of unique and interesting characters including (but not limited to) a group of philosophising drug dealers.  Is apparently being released in Australia on 25th August.
The short film before it – Bunce, was also very good. An supposed autobiographical piece by Stephen Fry of a boy he encountered in school.
Yellow Sea is also worth mentioning as it was also quite good. This was a South Korean thriller/chase film. Made use of the some of the socio-economic situations of the region. Fights in this film tended to be quite bloody as they involved knives and axes. Hardly a gun to be seen.

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