Sunday, 2 May 2010

Starblazer Adventures - Session Seven Continued

Had meant to finish this last week, but better late than never.

We found out that Heinrich had disappeared about a month ago after putting Abigail up for sale on the black Market, then withdrawing it. Al recalled some previous conversations he had had with Heinrich, where he had talked about "Abigail" as something that affected the various senses and caused hallucinogenic visions.

Now knowing the Heinrich appeared to be on the run, Al checked to see if his ship the Majestic Dawn was docked. He found that it had left around 48 hrs ago. Al didn't think the mercs would know about the ship as there was no 'paper trail' linking the ship to him. We headed back to Eternity Inc so Al could have better data access.

Al then checked an electronic letter drop that he and Heinrich used to pass on information that they thought would be of interest to each other. They'd set up some sort of code using particular journals, but I vagued out when Al went into the excruciating detail of it all.

The outcome of this was that Heinrich had sent Al something. From what I could work out from what Al was saying, Heinrich had gone a bit loony and was referring to "Abigail" as if it was a person and his lover. He was fleeing Mars and was going to hide out at an archaeological dig site that was occurring out in the asteroid belt. The dig was being headed up by one of his old students - Jeremy Irons.

Jeremy, while at uni was part of a cult of personality movement whereby they change their name and looks to that of people from pop culture (be they actors, musicians, fictional characters etc) through the ages. Some even went to the extent of having a body grown from DNA samples of the individual.

Jeremy had come up with a hypothesis that Pre-cursor tech gave off radiation we could not detect but we could see it affects in the spontaneous creation of neutrinos. Neutrinos created this way had a half-life a third longer. I had no idea what any of this meant or if I'm even remembering it correctly. The crux of it was that Jeremy had determined that there was an asteroid in the asteroid belt that was exhibiting these signs so he'd managed to convince the uni to sponsor a dig and thus prove his theory by finding an artefact.

So as to make it harder for anyone to track us we obtained two additional transponders registered to Eternity Inc for similar type ships to ours. Activating one of these (IDing us as The Hiroshima Screamer), I launched Mother and set a course for the main hub of the asteroid field.

Called the Glitter Belt (according to the ship database it was originally nicknamed that based on a place created by a 21st century sci-fi author) it was the main commercial hub of the asteroid belt. It was composed of Casinos, Bank Hubs and all those types of places that gravitate to these like Remoras to Sharks.

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