Thursday, 6 May 2010

Software for my t101mt

First thing I intend to do (and am currently doing) is uninstall all the 'extras' the a store bought PC comes with. And go through all the things that load at startup and see what I can trim back.
Then load up
  • Office 2010 (especially Onenote)
  • Some parts of Asus tools (eg Penwrite which has palm rejection)
  • Show/Hide Asus PenWrite
  • TabletTools - set of finger-friendly control tools
  • Flicks2 -  extend built-in Windows 7's flicks to take multiple flicks
  • Firefox as well as some touchscreen friendly addons - Blumpit, Grab and Drag, User Agent Switcher
    • As well as my standard addons - Addblocker plus, better gmail, better greader, MinimizeTo Tray revivied, flashblock (check if necessary now), DownThemAll
  • try out some of the touch screen interface tools such as Asus Touchgate, Blue Dolphin and others I find
  • ereader software ReadThemAll for Windows and others to try out.
  • I may try out Chrome with the chromeTouch extension and see how it compares to firefox.
  • test out MMCE for Comic books
I've been considering wiping the HDD and loading things from scratch. Just discovered a tool called RT Se7en Lite, which allows you to make a lite/customise a version of Windows 7. I'm going to have a play with it and see if I can come up with my own build for the the netbook.  


    Dave said...

    And that thing that Ev mentioned last night, if you (or he) hadn't already.

    Fantômas said...

    Can't recall what exactly it was. Can you recall what the conversation was about? What it a different type of comic reader or something else?

    Dave said...

    I have enough trouble remembering the things about RP from our RP nights, let alone idle conversation (even about shiny new tech).

    I've reinstalled Chrome (and AdBlock) and it feels faster than Firefox.

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