Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My new netbook

I've taken the plunge and purchased a Asus T101MT netbook. It's what is known as a tablet netbook. It's just turned up at the office. The site I bought it from still had a status of "Distributor Processing Order" so I was surprised when it arrived. Only took a couple of days after I paid for it.

Bought it from an online store in Sydney. It ended up costing me AUD$767.23, which included shipping.

Basic specs: 10.1", multitouch resistive screen, cpu n450 pinetrail, weight: 1.3kg

Was going to buy from the USA but there is no indication as to if/when they'll have available the higher end version that is for sale here in Australia. Also from looking at the low end version that comes with Windows 7 home Premium for sale in the US, it was retailing for US$649-. So when you factor in the upgrades, dollar difference and shipping, I would not have saved that much.

As to the differences between the US and Australian models - US model comes with 160gb HDD, 1Gig Ram, no bluetooth and usually Windows 7 Starter (some are now being sold with higher end versions of windows 7) Aust. model comes with 320gb HDD, 2gig ram, inbuilt bluetooth, Windows 7 Home Premium

In regards to battery life I'll have to see how it goes. There are higher end batteries available for the t101mt, but we'll see if they are necessary.

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I assume we all get to play with it and test out it's applicability to gaming tomorrow night.

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