Monday, 2 August 2010

MIFF Review - Garbo: The Spy

IMDB, Wikipedia
Score: 4/5
Language:  English, Spanish, Catalan, German (English subs)
Genre: Documentry
Summary: (From MIFF)
"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." – Winston Churchill
Truth comes stranger than fiction in this le Carré-like account of Spanish spy Juan Pujol, referred to as 'Garbo' by the British for being the greatest actor in the world.
This international man of mystery was the manager of a chicken farm before his reinvention as one of the most successful double agents in history. Distributing classified information acquired through his network of 27 sub-agents (all fictitious), he fooled the Nazis and paved the way for the World War II D-Day landings.
Director Edmon Roch uses an array of interview, archival and spy feature footage to narrate the exceptional career of a man who was born to lie.

D Edmon Roch P Edmon Roch, Sandra Hermida, Belen Bernuy S Edmon Roch, Isaki Lacuesta, Maria Hervera WS Ikiru Films L English, Spanish, Catalan, German w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2009

  • By imagination alone he saved 1000s of lives in WWII
  • The difference one person can make
  • For someone that appears to have made such a difference to aspects of WWII, surprised this is the first I'd heard about him
  • What he did has all the trappings of a farcical fictional story and yet it really happened.
  • Did his job so well he was one of the very few people to be awarded high honours by both sides (Iron Cross and a MBE) 


Jamas Enright said...

Perhaps Gavin should take on a new name and method. ;)

Anonymous said...

check out - Tomas was Garbos controller in MI5 and together they invented the imaginary spies. Tomas was my Grand Uncle - I never knew about him until very recently ... you WILL find it interesting..

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